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& Tips

Here you will be able to be updated with all our movements and the new regulations applied to each load. We will also leave you some tips to improve your experience when choosing your container and how to stack your cargo.

Celebrating 11 years

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We celebrate 11 years providing you the

best delivery in the integral logistic service.

New WAA Membership

We celebrate our affiliation with

Worldwide Air & Ocean Alliance WAA,

a further effort to increase our service coverage.

GLC visits Dominican Consulate in Valencia

The geostrategic position of the Dominican Republic, its political and social stability & its growth perspective are some of the pillars on which the business opportunities are generated for Spanish companies.
The Dominican Republic is going through an important stage
of economic growth and the free zones it has,are one of its main assets that it offers to Spanish companies that are interested in producing or exporting from there.

The need of create training for the ecommerce sales logistics professional emerge 

study reveals the need to adapt professional training proposals to the current requirements of the logistics sector towards digitalization, new technologies and omnicanality. In the current context of consumption, the final customer has more purchase decisions through the variety of sales channels and demands more transparency, affordability, convenience and speed in delivery. 

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